Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why I Write what I Write and Speak what I Speak

I have so much to say. That is because God has done so much for me. Lately I've been writing a series of articles related to "When A Woman Finds Her Voice," for a book launch. The topics are predetermined by the author, and then we write something from our personal experiences that relate to the topic. What this has done for me is that is has made me think about the process God used to help me become the woman He has wanted me to be. It has taken several things in my life to bring me to that place: God, Scripture, People, Seeking, Praying, Meditating, Writing, Learning. All have been important.  
Reviewing the impact of these things on my life has validated my purpose, my calling.

The most recent assignment for the book launch was to make a short video clip of why each of us will use our voice. For me, it's all about God, what He offers to others by using me as a messenger of the message.  Yesterday, I self-recorded my video in the early evening while standing out in the walnut orchard that I farm. It was my desire to make an analogy by comparing growing trees to God growing us. Careful nurture goes into the caring of humans and plants. Many people are damaged by harsh realities, that is why we share what God has done in helping us. My video needs one clarification. I mention abuse because many, many women have been abused. I was in pain from emotional wounds but I did not suffer from sexual or physical abuse. My wounds were emotional in nature, I had internalized pain of a different sort.  
But I do relate.

Within every area of pain there is some area of loss. Loss occurs through many forms: Loss of innocence, love, security, a relative, child, mate, pet, standing, freedom, independence, reputation, job, health, marriage, financs, employment, friendship, dignity, respect, peace, trust, fidelity, wholeness and so forth. Each sad moment pierces deeply and stays inside our inner selves causing destructive damage to our personalities and sense of well-being. When we access Him, God comes along and sets us of the path of freedom. He helps us deal with our neediness and issues, even our silent guilt, shame, wounds, and wrong-beliefs about ourselves. I'm so glad God can and will meet us where we're at to forgive, heal, transform, and renew.
That is why I write what I write, and I speak what I speak.

God has blessed me. He healed me. He set me free. He made me new.
God removed my pain. He removed my hurt. He put something new in place of the sadness.
God is my everything. He is the reason for living. He is my hope and my peace.
God loves me. His love is better than anyone can imagine. It is unfathomable.
God gives me a reason for moving forward. He shows me new things to embrace every day.
God asks me to bind my will to the will of the father. I am glad to do so.
God asks me to bind my mind to the mind of Christ. I would be foolish not to.
God asks me to bind my seat of my emotions to the Holy Spirit. This keeps me balanced.
God is the one who makes life worth living. I'm so thankful that He is my heavenly Father.
 A video that speaks from the heart. I am in the walnut orchard that I farm. October 2013

Ready to use your voice? I have a book for you.

This book is a stepping stone to healing.
This book is a guide to finding you have a voice.
This book is the stuff of real life.
This book will not disappoint.
This book has a message endorsed by the faith community.
This book takes the reader to the hurting place.
Then leads to the healing place.

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