Saturday, July 14, 2018


To embrace wholeness requires that one be whole. To be whole in our humanness is to be well and have health in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual areas. 
To ignore fitness in any area will affect all areas of self. You want to be well? Then you have to do the things that make you well. 
This isn’t about addictions or psychological health, but it is important to know that if something, someone, or some substance is in control of you, has control over you, is what you live for—when you can’t get along without it—then you are not whole. 
Emotional health, your mental health, is an area to consider and then uncover any ties to negatives both past and present. The goal is to use these as teachers that propel you into understanding and release you to be free of their entanglements and influence in your life. 
Are you whole? 
It takes some work but you can be whole. Getting well in body, soul, and spirit, and in your emotions, intellect, and will, is the stuff of real life. Lots of times you probably don't think you're doing okay, and maybe you aren't.
That's where you come to a roadblock in your life and take an intense look at yourself. This is a good thing. Start identifying what you know to be true about your interactions and your relationships, and your attitudes, and, lastly, your positive and negative self-stuff.
I have faced a few roadblocks that made me look intently at myself. Some of the ways I was thinking were not good for me or for others. I took stock. Saw where I needed to change. Prayed about it. Read books that related in some way. Then I started working on myself, and it worked.
You can do it. 
You can make your life better if you want to.  Everyone is given an opportunity to deal with their stuff. Sometimes it takes some help and guidance. But you can get there. Spiritual help is rich, too. God will listen, and he will help you. No demands, though. You can partner up, God does his part in guiding you, and you do your part in showing up and doing the what you need to do.
There is a lot more to this than I am stating, but I just want you to know that it is possible. It takes some hard work too. But that's good in the end. Then what you learn, and any change, become a part of you. Trust me, I've been there.
Blessings to you.
Let me know if I can help in any way. 💁

Friday, July 6, 2018


Get Ready for a Spiritual Makeover

  A spiritual makeover changes you from the inside out. 

A spiritual makeover is quite the adventure. God touches you where you've have been wounded by thoughtless words or unkind actions. He also shows you when you've been wrong-minded and acted in self-interest. God takes you on a journey through your past and into your present.

So why should you care?

What God offers you are two R's, and they're life-changing R's. God offers you redemption and relationship. You can't have one without the other. You get a new life as he redeems your soul and forgives what needs forgiving and gives you a new life in Christ. This new life begins a spiritual journey with God guiding your life as you follow the path of divine love. 

It's not easy, but it's good because God is good.

God never abandons you. He is a good father, a loving Father. My son struggled with depression. He'd been hurt and life was disappointing and had too many problems. I couldn't reach him. I worried and prayed. He moved far away. Then God started a work in him that grew and grew. When I saw him next, his face no longer was sad and hang-dog. There was life in his eyes and joy in his expression. He looked much different, better, free. No way could he have done that on his own.

God wants you to clean up your act, spiritually speaking.

God wants to set you free. He is here to help you. But you have to give him your stuff. That's the hard part. God will make you anew if you let him. That's the tricky part. It's better to not play games with God. Be honest with him. Once you get started then the miracles start happening. The divine life is a presence, God's presence in you, a beauty that lives within that lights the eyes with life, peace, and inner radiance that spills forth in splashes of joy and inner delight.

Does it matter?   

Yes, your spiritual side is always with you. God desires to nurture your inward places that he might lead you by the still waters. There you will feel safe, loved, and whole. God helps you heal. Spiritual renewal is intentional. Your intrinsic need to be loved and wanted is found in God. God can meet this deepest longing in every human heart. 

First, though, you have to find God as real.

A life of peace is something you may want and hope to have, yet it can seem out of reach. Peace is acquired through God. All of us need some help from God to deal with our personal stuff.  Life has many challenges that are difficult to address or to effect change. If you want to live in freedom, the first step is to look in the mirror of God. It starts there. Ask God to reveal what is in your heart to you. Be brave.

God is in the business of making us beautiful.  

Want to know about the best relationship out there? It is God + his child. God and his children are a team by way of his redemptive work in them. With God’s help, you can return to spiritual health: restored, purified, and healed. God does his best work in a life that’s changed by him. You can be that life.

God is love in its purest form.
  • God’s  ♡  speaks in the stillness. 

  • God's  ♡  offers grace to his beloved children. 

  • God’s   ♡  redeems and sets free. 

  • God’s   is beautiful, real, and fulfilling. 

  • God’s  ♡  is unselfish, life-giving, and life-changing.

Join the family ... find the love... experience the happiness ... accept the beauty
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & you will be saved

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Thursday, June 28, 2018


My son surprised me with this cell phone photo in a text message. He told me he was going to visit my sister. I wasn't expecting the photo. It made me emotional, of course, and it took me down memory lane. The day we buried her was a complex mix of unbelief, sorrow, and grief.

My son was eleven when his aunt, my sister Lois, passed away. Now, a quarter century later, he is back at the hillside cemetery in Stayton, Oregon. His first time revisiting the very spot where she is at rest. It took him about an hour to locate her marker. Then he sent me this photo and told me he said "hi" to her for me.

I wonder what emotion he feels, and his thoughts. The two--his wanting to pay his respects and the memory of her--warm my heart.

We never stop loving. Those we have lost continue to be a part of us.

In life, our lives intersect, and we may experience an everlasting bond. Our connections with family, siblings, parents, mates, and children and even those who are like family to us, have many differing threads. These may be sweet or not so much. Our lives are influenced by the intricate web these threads weave that make up the tapestry of our lives.

Sometimes these change the trajectory of our lives. I spend a few to many hours a week fulfilling a promise I made after losing my sister. She had been troubled, depressed, and had lost her way. When our family got the call, it was already to late.

We all grieve differently. I promised myself and God that I would learn more and be more available to those who struggle with life. I also have become more sensitive to the actual struggle. Life IS hard. There's no denying it. Words are not enough. I believe caring with feet on it is part of the answer.

I see life and my part in it differently than I used to. I want to love people without bias, judgment, or categorizing; that's the desire. Is it easy? No. I've had to change my way of thinking and become more flexible.

I think Lois was part of that. Her loss was part of an awakening in me, to do more, to be kind, to validate what I can validate, to speak truth in love, to abandon what gets in the way of these.

I miss my sister and always will. She was a beautiful person. I'm glad my son wanted to validate her memory. That means something to me. She would have been pleased with the man he has become. I know it in my heart.

Life is too short. Love well. Be good.

Thank you, my son.

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