Thursday, October 10, 2013

God makes things brand new

Made Brand New

"How Do You Repair Something?" I asked myself one day.

I was thinking about broken people and broken relationships.  As I tried to envision the repair and what it could be, all I could think of was failed efforts and wasted energy that at times has made me feel a bit foolish. I was praying and meditating along these lines when a picture came to my mind of a broken teacup.

"How do you repair something? I asked my heavenly Father.
Piece by piece the answering thought came to me.  I pictured the tedious process of a broken china cup being glued and mended with meticulous care.

"But it will never be like it used to be," I complained. 

No, it bears the marks and it is more fragile.

I thought to myself how all of us are broken people.  How God puts us back together.  He is the glue.  With loving gentle hands He restores us.  We may not look so lovely but He makes us new.  "He makes things new, God makes things brand new."

Though not as beautiful as the original, it is functional, useful, re-made, and restored.
  • The scars--a symbol of the fracture. 
  • The glue--a symbol of His restorative love. 
It's a good deal, no matter how you look at it. What most would have thrown away, God painstakingly restores, evidence that it is His work. No, we can't do it. We need Him.
 Based on a snippet from a journal writing - May 2012 

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