Friday, October 11, 2013

POEM ~ A Desert Bloom

A Desert Bloom

I saw you today, as a little flower,
Long you were there, a lone seed in the desert sand.
The winds came, parching the ground.
You waited, someday … someday … someday.
The sun beat down, mercilessly sucking the moisture away.
You waited … you listened … you said, “When Lord?”

Year after year the desert landscape moved.
The sand blew this way and that, a restless shifting.
Desert creatures slithered and crawled,
Giving life to the dry barren lands most majestic.
Their cries and movement in contrast to the ever-present pause.
Time stood still, an endless strangeness, a cunning wildness.

And then one day the rain came … and came.
In torrents it flooded the land, strong, masterful in command,
Gushing here and there, the sand grew refreshingly wet.
“Finally,” you said, “Oh yes,” the thirsty soul quenched … satisfied.
Joyfully you sprang up to greet the new day, stirred to radiant life,
Beautiful, serene, lovely to behold, a real desert trophy.

Your Maker said, “Why, there you are, my sweet princess?
The wait was long, but just look at you!
Petals exquisite, the color, deep and rich,
The grandeur of much-anticipated new birth.
Yes, your hue is remarkable, you have intricate lines,
Such a delicate reminder of the grace of my touch.”

I saw you today as a little flower,
Most beauteous to behold,
With a pure loveliness that comes when much suffering is borne,
A rare find in this timeless desert plain.
One who has trusted, believed with a steadfast heart, in the unseen,
For you are a reflection of the Maker’s glory, a rare bloom divine.

Written for a friend
N. L. Brumbaugh

~Excerpt from my book "The Meeting Place."

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