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"Beep." Oh man, what was that? One beep? That's weird, must not have been my alarm.

I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. My mind was working. One beep?, hmmm ... my alarm always beeps three times. I glanced over at the clock. Yes, 60 minutes early. Sleep wouldn't come.

Lord, is it you? Do you want me to pray? ...  Yes.  Okay. I'll get up. A friend was on my mind. She was the one that needed prayer, who I would pray for first. I was concerned for her.

I crawled out of bed and went into the living room. I glanced at my Ipad, a private message from this same long-distant friend, someone who I'd never met but I'd been trying to support in some way. By reading some of her comments, I had sensed her anguish and tried to reach out by sending her a private message once in awhile. I didn't think she was all that much receptive to my contact. The offer was there if she wanted it. At times she would respond in small bites of text. I felt inadequate. I'm not very social or adept at dispensing advice and she was much younger than myself. Her comments to me were brief, and almost always with some level of despondency, saying things like, "why bother." Her frustration with life and the hurts from the past were overwhelming her. Memories and pain were swirling around her, robbing her of much-needed sleep. She'd never opened up, but I sensed some of her past had been brutal. I learned bits and pieces but not enough to know how or if I should respond. I found myself worrying about her. She was struggling. I wondered if she was suicidal. I didn't want to pry or over-reach, or to push her away. After reading her message I knew why I'd been summoned so early. I began to pray for her. I asked God to take charge. I prayed for her emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and God's hand of protection on her life. I sent a message. She responded. The words began to flow as God began to lead our conversation.
Her opening message--
"I'm scared.
Scared to ask for help.
Scared to go to God.
Scared to be alone right now thru this. 
Just plain scared....
 (she goes on to say that while at work she felt someone tap her shoulder, but no-one was there.)

...And scared I'm going crazy!
Would you please pray? 
Right now I'm panicking and anxiety has gone through the roof. ...
... Is this what crazy feels like?"

My response--
"Dear ______, I had something weird too, it happened at 5:30 a.m. My alarm went off, one beep...not usual, it's usually three beeps. I started to get up and then I looked at the clock. It was an hour before it's set time. Well, I lay back in bed and tried to sleep, but was wide awake. I asked God if He wanted me to pray. "Yes." I go in the living room and there's my Ipad. I read your message and respond. Then I start praying FOR YOU. Then I get a little sleepy and fall back asleep there on the couch. God has your name today. Don't be scared. It's fruitless. Could be the enemy's whispers. Claim "When I am afraid I will trust in God." Chase Satan away by quoting the Word. He has no power when you claim truth. Next, ask God to help you trust. Do it in HIS strength. When you are weak, HE becomes strong. He waits to be invited. YOU will make it. I see victory in your future. There will be a watershed moment. I'm praying for it. Great will be the release. Remember, you are not alone. You aren't. That is also the lie Elijah believed. You just feel alone. We will pray this one through. Be brave in HIS strength. It's possible "I can't do it but You can." Say it to God. (now I'm preaching!)
God has not abandoned you. He is waiting until you are ready. We think we're waiting for Him, when in reality, He is waiting for us (most times). (If this truly is a spiritual battle, not depression or a medical condition)"

Her response--
Yes. ...I know he's waiting on me ... 
The conversation continues on. . .for days on and off ...
For three mornings in a row a "ding" awakened me at the same early hour, each time with one solitary "beep." Every time I entered in prayer for this young woman. The communication became much deeper. I found myself sharing with her some of the ways I've learned to fight spiritual battles. Our conversations became more real, intense, honest, and helpful. It's surprised me, the freedom I've had to say the things I've shared with her. I've wondered if it's sinking in, if she's applying some of what I say. I know we're getting somewhere. A few days later, she is the first one to make contact, this time without the pain, "How are you?" she says to me via the internet. It sounds happier, it makes me feel happy. She's doing better, her tone is less despondent.

The battle isn't won yet. I still pray. Often.  It is interesting to me that this young woman's needs surfaced during the time I was writing a blog about losing my sister, when I was remembering the sad loss of her life, one which could have been prevented if only we had known. It felt like I was giving back, almost doing it for my sister Lois' sake. The more we talked the more it seemed as if this woman was holding onto life by a thread and I had to help someway, keep her treading water, to not give up. She feels so alone in her pain. Pain isolates. God seemed to want to use me. I followed His lead, did what seemed right to do by sending a tiny lifeline her way. Not much, but it helped. Just yesterday this same friend sent me a message.

Her - "Without your prayers and so many others, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't still be here for you to talk to."

Me - "I've grown quite fond of you, like a grown daughter. I think we are quite different in personality and I often don't know what to say. But, it's not because I don't want to help. Three mornings in a row I was awakened early by the Lord to pray for you. There is a big spiritual battle going on. You can't fight it alone."

Her - "I totally agree and yet I feel so all alone." ....

The conversation is still continuing. In fact, I'm sending this to her to preview before I make it public. Her trust in me is something I don't presume. We are in this together. I think of all the times my praying friends have supported me during those times when my own prayers were bleeding confused utterances, the darkness surrounding me making it hard to pray. We need each other in the brother- and sister-hood of the Christian community of Believers.

-Please pray for someone you know who needs some help.  Don't be afraid to show you care. Thank you.
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Written in connection with book, "When a Woman Finds Her Voice," by JoAnn Fore.
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  1. This is such a lesson in being available to God, and to those who are not 'easy' to connect with. Bless you. Adding you both to my prayers in this battle.

    1. Thank you for praying. We are in this together.

  2. Dear Norma,
    This is beautiful and so wonderful how God works. Thank you for the example of praying for someone regularly and consistently. Thank you for caring and being open to God's leading and healing work in community.
    Bless you,

    1. It is amazing. I wrote this because it is such an encouragement to be there for someone else. Bless you!

  3. Thank you Norma for your encouragment towards this woman and your heart for God. Bless you sweet friend!!

    1. All I did was care. Thank you for your kind words