Saturday, January 11, 2014

When God Speaks: Repentance and Faith

Moments with God are never lost. They are stored up in heaven.

A time of quietness with God this morning. 
I was reflecting and meditating on verses of scripture. Then these thoughts:

Would you speak to me today?

I am answering your prayers—faithfully.

You are always faithful to me.

What does repentance require?

Truth, an honest heart, humbleness before your God, heed to my words, contrition for sins you have committed. Desire for me. Openness and sorrow for wrong-doing.

What impedes repentance?

Blindness, spiritual blindness. Callousness toward the things of God and righteous living. Self-grandizing, self satisfied actions. Lies and bitter roots of envy. Sin, foolishness, fornication, acts of evil, unrighteousness, pride, self-will, bitterness, unbelief, sorrow.

How can sorrow impede repentance?

Sorrow hides the truth, the selfishness . Sorrow takes over. Turn your heart to Jesus. He will reveal the true nature of what resides in it. People don’t do this. They hide behind respectable masks afraid of looking inside. They fail on many accounts to be truthful with themselves. They pretend all is okay when it is not okay. It is hard work. Don’t pass judgment on others. Only look at yourself. That is where your attention should be.

That’s right. It is so easy to look at others, and so hard to look at our-self.

You are so beautiful Lord. I praise you. I adore you. I love you. Great and precious are your promises. Lovely is your name. Happy is your presence. Holy is your name. Amen

Sing for me.

What would I sing?

Sing praises, rich and deep with much feeling.

Tell me about faith.

Faith bends toward God. Faith believes all things possible. Faith looks beyond itself to the greater work of God. Faith chooses to live again. Faith chooses the harder thing—to God’s glory. Faith forgives an offense, it pardons. Faith in God changes the world.

Listen to me my child.

I’m listening, seeking you.

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