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~You are going to write "The Book."
            ~You are writing "The Book" ... 
                     ~You have written "The Book" ... 

Now What?

That is what this blog is about. What to do next. There are online services available to help you get your book 'out there' so it can find its readers and grow its following. It never hurts to have a plan. In fact, ... it is essential to have a plan ... that is, if you want to sell more than a few books. "Okay," you say, "tell me some more." I'm so glad you asked. Hungry for answers?

I had a book waiting to sell, but no one was buying. I spent a chunk of money to promote my self-published book -- but that only left me a bit poorer and bunches wiser ... I didn't sell many books that way. Tho' not really surprising -- that people weren't lining up to buy my book. My book was invisible. My author name, just another unknown ... or un-found. My understanding of the book marketing process? Nada. Right.

Ignorance is bliss? Not in this case. I didn't know something critical to my book's success. It was this, the author is responsible for selling the book. ... Light bulb was off!

I believed in my book. Of course I did. But that was not enough.
Say what?  It's about marketing?
A year later I decided it was time to figure it out,  my part in the process of getting the word out about my book. I started looking around on the web for publishing and marketing information. Cold turkey so-to-speak, since I virtually had no contacts in the writing or publishing field. Through Twitter, blogs, and after many industrious searches on the web, I found two blog writers who offer well-crafted blogs and are extra 'smart' and knowledgeable, experienced and savvy about the self-publishing industry. Their blogs provide rich content, easily accessible chunks of info right out-there waiting for unproven and wannabe authors to take a bite. That was me! I read their 'stuff' daily. The book marketing venue was scary and intimidating for a newbie, but I was hooked. I kept on reading marketing and publishing blogs for a few months. My status of having 'no connections' was a problem ... and a slow way to learn to-boot. I pushed myself to take some baby steps forward in this area. Next, I started comparing prices for book marketing training, thinking , I really should start somewhere instead of nowhere. One of the leaders in the field that I had come to respect, had posted a link to an online book marketing course. Because she was the one who posted it, I believed it would be a worth-while course. Reputation means a lot in this field. The price was right, so I jumped in.

It was one of the first things I did 'right' other than write my book! The course was excellent. The presentation hit all the major areas a beginner author needs to know.

I have learned what it takes to effectively market a book in a crowded market-place. Light bulb is on!

It is a good thing, too. I have two more books that will soon need wings to fly. This time I will be ready. Gonna market those babies through 'do'-diligence, planning, sharing, interacting, and the whole nine yards---using marketing know-how. I know I have something to say, and there is an audience out there waiting to receive what I have to give, that is why a writer writes. I am confident that this time my message will find its readers. And, in the process of doing the book marketing thing, I will meet a lot of nice people. Looking forward to it!  Am excited.... 

So, I am going to give you a nudge, if you are so inclined, thinking about that book that is in you or sitting in boxes in the closet.  I want to share with you what has helped me come up to speed, and is still helping me come up to speed. I am a work in process, still getting my ducks in a row, but now I will know in what direction to swim or to fly.  
Here is a link to the marketing course that helped me. It is an excellent value and provides invaluable tools for understanding the various steps necessary to enter the publishing and marketing world.

I highly recommend this online marketing course for any person who wants to write a book or is seeking to increase sales for their current book. Known as, The Marketing Wizard, D'vorah Lansky, is a leader in the field. She specializes in making the online world of marketing an insightful enterprise. She unpacks this 'know-how' in five manageable and informative lessons. These lessons incorporate action steps which help solidify learning and also increase exposure to the critical aspects necessary for marketing a book in today's world.

The marketing boot camp is available as a self-paced program. 
Check it out. . .

~D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. Marketing Wizard and bestselling author.
Founder of Become a Celebrity Author.

Happy writing and book selling!
~N. L. Brumbaugh 

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