Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

How does a woman find her voice?

Many women are like me. I used to believe I had nothing to offer. I didn't think I was talented enough or smart enough. I was wrong. God takes who we are, what we have to offer,  and then He grows us. Our stories connect us to others. A powerful voice is one that speaks from the heart offering hope and healing in its projection. Women's voices are arising from every quarter each with something lovely to say.  Won't you find your voice?

Jo Ann finds her voice.

Jo Ann Fore in her new book, When a Woman Finds Her Voice, shares the many sorrows in her life to illustrate the grace of God as He releases her from painful, emotional wounding. In poignant pictures she invites us to see God, who hears when we hurt and frees us from our injured selves. Jo Ann encourages women to speak out, come out of the shadows, and give voice to the miracle of God's healing touch. Jo Ann tells it like it is. "True emotional healing lies somewhere between intentional choices and divine intervention, a function of surrender, faith, trust, and action."

Mary finds her voice.       

She stood at the front in a room full of women. I wondered what she would say. With self-assurance she began to recite from memory The Twenty-Third Psalm. This was a first for her. Although she was active in our women's ministry group, this elderly woman was always hesitant, rarely sharing spiritual insights or participating in prayer, preferring to be unnoticed. That night she looked especially beautiful as she voiced the well-loved psalm in a perfect, flawless delivery. She was the last to speak. Peace centered in the room and joy percolated in effervescent waves of love.

finds her voice.

Her story was painful to hear for all of us listening in that evening.  The words came out, a story of abuse at her mother's hands. "My mother held me down by my hair a knife in her hand, I knew she was about to kill me. There was fire in her eyes." In my mind I could see the little girl looking up in terror at her drunken mother. "But something stopped my mother. I saw someone stay her hand. It wasn't my dad. I think maybe it was an angel." She went on to say how she found God, the ways in which He healed her and made her whole. Through God's love she was able to forgive her mother.

Joyce finds her voice.

"I knew I didn't have much longer to live and I was at peace. But I really wanted to be around a little longer for my kids and grand kids and sisters. God provided an organ for a transplant just in the nick of time. I'm so thankful to God for giving me a few more years." Her face glowed as she spoke of her transformation. It was obvious that each day now is seen as a gift from God to be shared and enjoyed.

Norma finds her voice.

She was a bit nervous speaking from the pulpit, the miracle of God's intervention pushing her to give Him the praise and glory. It had not been easy. For eighteen months she had lost her now thirteen year old daughter in a child custody battle. It had cost her sleepless nights and plenty in attorney fees to try to keep her daughter out of harm's way.  A valuable lesson had been been learned, though. My child belongs to God first. Trust God to take care of her when you can't be there for her. She began to speak, "I'm here to share with you that my daughter is back living with me. Thank you for praying for us. There were times when I was afraid for her welfare. God let me know that he was taking care of her. I have one thing I want you to know. 'Let go and let God.'" The crowd began to applaud, then she noticed a quiet man in the back standing up. She knew why. He understood. This man's solo standing ovation a witness to the truth of 'Let go and let God.' His daughter, a young lady, survived, unharmed, several years incarcerated in a women's prison known for its violence. 

We all must speak what God gives us. If your time is not here yet, you're still in the troubling mess of life, that is okay. There will be a day when your healing comes and you will be able to look back and say, "God did that. Amazing!" You will find your voice when the time is right.


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  1. This post is stunning. Thank you for sharing your story and the other stories as well. How inspiring! Bless you and thanks for sharing your voice.

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for reading my post. It's nice to know th at positive people are out there in cyber space to encourage us. You did that for me.

  2. Beautiful Norma!! I love how you shared other examples here, we all have a story to tell.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. There are so many more I could share. When I get discouraged all I need to do is look around me at the amazing things God is doing in people's lives. Thanks so much for the word of cheer. Blessings ...

  3. Oh Norma! This has moved my heart to no end. Working with women who have suffered such trauma, my heart breaks and then sings as I too hear these women find their voice and receive their healing. I rejoice with you my friend and thank you for sharing the victory!

    1. Bless you! I agree. Isn't it wonderful that the past can be redeemed and people can grow and bloom. We must never give up on anyone. Thank you for your kind words. Blessings ...

  4. I agree with the others. Just like Jo Ann, you used examples of others. I believe that each of us through our own stories will touch someone. Your story might not touch that ONE person but someone else will and you may just be that voice to bring them to that. <3 I LOVE it.

  5. So true. It such a joy to be an encouragement to someone who needs some spiritual TLC. Thanks so much. Blessings ...