Monday, September 16, 2013

Words that Uplift and Bless

Invest in your mate. Put into their love bank. Say words that build up. Be genuine, sincere. Show and give affection just because. A few statements like these will go a long way.

Honey, I love you.

I thank God for you.

I'm so glad I married you.

I'm so glad you're in my life.

I appreciate the way you have cared for me (all these years).

You've made me a better person, thank you.

You make me look good.

You made me better because of my relationship with you.

Honey, I'll   ________   for you. (Something they like)

These words are nourishing, emotional  statements.  A form of a blessing. They are healing words, have a healing effect on the other person. Positive statements can help turn the relationship around. Sincerity, genuine caring, and a upbeat outlook will help. Gone, must be the holding each other in ridicule by saying unkind comments and digs at the other person's expense. What your partner/mate/special friend really wants is a safe relationship where they feel significant. Look for the beauty on the inside of the other person and act from the beauty inside of you. 

Say those things that build up your relationship, marriage. You will become a better person. There must be a spirit of honor and respect between the husband and wife, the people in the relationship. It is destructive to be in competition with each other. A person wants to be appreciated and loved, not just seen for what they do  and not for who they are. Marriages can become so much about function that one forgets the simple graces that transmit love and appreciation, value and honor. These types of words will promote a spirit of honor and respect between the husband and wife, the people in the relationship. Love is a way of life

God does "home improvements." God passes over the external to get to the internal. He will change the heart. Let Him change your heart first. It's a step in the right direction.
Blessings ...

-concepts gleaned from a sermon by Rev. Larry Petersen.

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