Friday, September 20, 2013

Reflecting on Life's Goodness


Quiet moments bring refreshment to the soul
 Childish laughter hastens joy to the parent's heart

A warm embrace is ever to be cherished
A smile, a word of cheer, makes the heart glad

Many times we fail to see the sunrise
   are  too tired to appreciate the day
Too busy to help those whom we love
   and miss what is most important

     Reflecting on this thought
        I feel gladness rise within me
     Happy for the times I've said, "I love you"
        Thankful for a tender heart that says, "I care"

Often on this walk of life
   we see our glaring inadequacies
Failure seems to loom at every turn
   We struggle to keep striving forward
      without  a bitter heart

     Yes, life is good 
        when one quits looking at the bad
     The troubles that never end as each day passes
        But someone cares and makes it right

A life with love, and God's blanket of care
   brings light to life's darkest hour
If we could see the angels in the unseen midst
   we would know God's gracious hand 
       touching our lives

     Thank  you for this moment 
         of quietness
           to reflect once again

November-1992 N. L. Brumbaugh
From the archives, from when my family lived in
a mountain village in Northern California. 

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