Friday, January 6, 2012

dreaming on

Many of us have dreams that we hope will be fulfilled on some beautiful day.  My dreams are never about money.  In fact, money doesn't drive me or beckon me.  It is the other things in life, like looking at a beautiful sunset, taking a walk at dusk, talking with a good friend, or seeing someone smile who often seems sad; these are what pull at me.  My dreams are in the dream category not in the goal category.  I like goals but I think I'm too creative at heart to be bound to a plan or an outcome.  But there are dreams in my life, good dreams, happy dreams, hopeful dreams, wishful dreams, and sweet dreams.  

"Sweet dreams." These were my closing words to my children after I prayed with them.  I always liked the sound of those two words joined together sounding like a warm embrace.  If dreams could come true, I would live on an open area sort of like a down-scaled manor.  There would be a little chapel located somewhere on the land where people could come and pray.  Pathways would lead between trees and over ponds with verses carved on posts and an occasional statue to grace a reflective pool.  There would be Friday night sing times in a room full of people or around a fire while we would gaze at the night sky and listen to guitar music.  It would be a place of healing and love where anyone is welcome.  The menu would be healthy food, not fancy, just warm and wholesome.  If you've ever been to Lord's Land, it would be sort of like that.  

Sweet dreams enrich our lives and sometimes they just may come true.

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