Monday, May 6, 2013

The Cross

"-The cross is hope for all generations.
-The cross is healing, abundant life for the asking.
-The cross is my (God's) gift to (hu)mankind. It is where truth resides. It cannot be dissolved or removed though man may try. They do not want to believe. The message endures---the message of life.
-Walk in my (God's) truth, do not hide from it or water it down." June 2012

These words came to me during a time of fasting and prayer close to a year ago. I recorded them in my journal of prayers and thoughts. This morning I was feeling a bit down in my spirits so I went back to re-read the journal writings from my last time of having a personal spiritual retreat, a time of three days when I fasted and prayed for most of the weekend, seeking God and praying intercessory prayer for my family members and for others and myself. God was very close. I was seeking direction and understanding on a couple of fronts in my personal life. Learning to listen for spiritual guidance is closely tied to the deeper walk with God.

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