Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Slice of Life

"Sure could use a little good news today," song lyrics Anne Murray sang long ago. A little good news can go a long way. The good news in my life came in the form of a host of young people and a friend helping me with a move from one house to another. They showed up. They helped. They were cheerful and willing. They refused payment. They were polite and in good spirits. A task I was dreading was much less difficult with the assistance of these young people.  Some came one day and others came another day, pickup load by pick upload, the job proceeded. In all, six young men helped me out, three I didn't know before hand. And they were wonderful.

 I was thinking about the goodness of people. It is so easy to label young people,to discredit them as a group by seeing them as self-centered me-ists.  But, if truth be told, we are all sort of me-ist people.  I was grateful for their help, appreciative of their unselfishness, thankful that the task was completed with ease. What could have been overwhelming. . .was not!

Finding this little bit of good news makes me want to say:  Don't lose faith in the young people of today. Help them, encourage them, engage them in conversation, show an interest in them, learn about their world, give them a small piece of you in a way that they can grasp and handle. find out what matters to them and go with it. As we drove back and forth between houses, I had such interesting conversations with these young people, we talked about the real things of life. . .learning disabilities, home dynamics, gangs and lockdowns, school stuff, even spiritual turning points.  Not boring in the least.  I enjoyed the dialogue, a rich and meaningful slice of life.

Look for the good and you just might find it.

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