Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring's Miracle

An elderly woman once said to me, "I wonder how many more seasons I will get to enjoy?"  That was a few years back. Her seasons have ended now. But, her friendship is one I look back on and miss.  She was one of those key people in my life, someone who entered my life as a gift from God.  She was not afraid to tell me the truth when I needed to hear it. We met first as neighbors back in 1986. This woman was fortunate. Life blessed her with eighty-nine seasons.  I often think about her remark.  Ten, twelve, twenty. . . thirty more spring seasons? 

As each season passes it enters my thoughts.  How many more (springs, summers, autumns, winters) will I get to enjoy? Like she did, I anticipate and enjoy the seasonal changes. I observe and cherish the Earth's re-birth. . . .its regeneration. . . .its growing. I like the Earth's time of producing. . . .its bounty. . . .its time of giving. . . .it's harvest. I like the Earth's time of resting. . . .its time of waiting. . . .of renewal. . . .its quietness. . . .and it's storm, rain, and weather patterns. 

About the time I am growing weary of the cold weather; it happens, and the pattern starts all over again---a beautiful miracle occurs, all part of a great plan of the cosmos, the celestial sphere, and of the intelligent Master Designer.  A song comes to mind, one from my childhood which I learned at my Grandma's house standing by the piano bench as she sang its words and with grace and skill rolled the chords from bass to treble cleft.  The miracle of spring's rebirth was in its words.

            "My Heart Believes in Miracles
My heart believes in miracles, a mystery of God, 
My heart believes in miracles, When grass breaks through the sod; 
The changing seasons come and go, The balmy breezes blow,
The breath of Spring and birds on wing, O I believe and know;
The singing bird, the honey bee, The rivers flowing out to sea;
The bursting bud, the tow'ring tree, Are miracles we all can see!" 

These beautiful lyrics were penned in 1960 by my grandmother, Faith S. Weigold. They are floating through my head as I write them from memory.   Aptly, they express her love for the growing things of the earth. Her 1930s house was surrounded by a glorious bower of plants and vegetation, fruit trees and lilies in the sleepy town of Glendora not far from the shadow of the mountain in southern California.  Her love for God was like a wellspring, a golden touch that graced everything she did.  I don't believe I ever was at her home without there being a newly picked sprig of flowers or ferns arranged in the antique wall vase hanging next to her vintage piano. I never thought much of it during my childhood or even in young-adulthood just how unique her vision for living enhanced the lives of those around her.  Grandma understood the deeper meaning. Her eyes could see the grandness found in the natural world' she would celebrate its presence even when there were troubles, those times when she found herself in the midst of trials and challenges. Grandma's perspective included the rough and raw parts of each season.  She had experienced these many times ever since her youth when her mother died and she grew up too fast, responsible for her younger siblings.

"A life can change from cruel pain, Like sunshine after rain;
My heart believes in miracles.  Oh! I believe and know."

The lyrics to the song were borne out of a time of heartache. Grandma shared about the writing of this song, My Heart Believes in Miracles, she had written for a musical program back in 1990. 

"I had been greatly burdened for my second daughter, who was under much anxiety, which caused her great physical and mental suffering until she became very depressed---so much so that she didn't seem like her usual happy self. I feared for her physical condition. I prayed and prayed that God would perform a miracle. I KNEW that He could and I felt that it had to be! And praise God the answer came.  Isn't it strange how we shrink from trials? And yet, it is out of those trials that God is trying to lead us onto a higher plateau and drawing us closer to Himself."

Spring is here. I am jazzed!  The lilacs are starting to bloom.  The wind is blowing.  A kite day is around the corner.

I wonder how many more seasons I will enjoy?  All I know is that I will enjoy each season when it arrives.  I will celebrate its arrival and be thankful for its exodus!  It is a beautiful day in God's kingdom.


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