Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Heard Her Heart

I heard her heart. It was full of pain. I listened as she spoke of her daughter, grandchildren, and lost hope, her tears, though held back, causing her voice to soften or catch. Life in the raw. Disappointment. A reality that says it is not what you expected it to be, the fear for the daughter and her lack of happiness, the sadness of the grandchildren being raised in a lifestyle contrary to that which is healthy or spiritual in nature. It’s hard to lose your children but when you know that they were taught the truth and were loved well and rightly, at least you know that they know and will not forget.  But the grandchildren, that is another story. The sorrow is compounded when the little ones are immersed in that which is on the slope of the detrimental. I prayed and I hugged her. We went our separate ways. But, I will remember.  And I will feel a bond with her in spirit, knowing she put her trust in me by sharing the truth of  the reality that is tearing her heart and causing it to bleed.

Her story is one of many I’ve listened to, a familiar refrain in this day of few boundaries and many vices, homes being rocked in chaos. One can pray, once can care, but ultimately one is responsible for one’s own self and your reaction to the situation.  The love of God constrains us. It both limits (our reactions) and it frees (turn the other cheek).  Not only did I hear her heart, I was moved to pray. And I will pray...for God to cover her with His feathers, to give strength when it is needed, courage when the day is long, wisdom during the times of uncertainty, forgiveness when bitterness wages war, and for miracles that only He can bring.  God is in the business of miracles. I believe and know this is true.

I am proud of her too. Every Sunday she and her husband drive an hour and a half to get the grandchildren so they can be in church and away from the negative influences. They spend the day with the grands and then drive another hour to take them home. It is a sacrifice in time and gas money.  But the grandchildren love it, and for a short while they receive boundless love and grace at a little country home with horses, goats, and pigs and I’m not sure what else! Their grandmother said that they cry when it’s time to leave.  Although, she said, they are happy to return back to their home as well. And she and her husband help and fix things and do everything they can to build a bridge to their daughter and son-in-law. That is what one should do. God sees this, and He knows, understands, and helps. We never know the future but we know the God of the future.  With Him, nothing is wasted. I have found this to be quite true. Beauty from ashes.

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