Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unstuffy ways to begin a relationship with God.

What keeps people from having a close relationship with God?

There are many reasons, excuses, or possibilities that hinder having a relationship with God. But it is possible.

What does keep people from experiencing a close walk with God?

Simply put, first and foremost there is something called desire. One must have the desire to know God better. Once the desire is acknowledged, a determination to find God even during the busy times of our lives must be made. It doesn't happen without intent. I don't know of any relationship with any level of depth to exist without work and commitment. Relationship with God is not any different.


Give thanks to God every morning before starting your day.

Look for God in the big and small blessings and graces of each day.

Seek to know God. Pray often. Desire holiness. Ask for God-awareness.

At night, give thanks. Review your day. Ask yourself, where was God in my day? Confess your sins and failings. Speak to God in openness. Ask for help.

Listen for God's quiet whisper.

Begin a life of seeking God, following what He tells you, and knowing His holy word.He says that He can be found if we seek Him. Then a real relationship begins.

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