Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seven Storey Mountain, Thomas Merton Quote


"When the spirit of God finds  a soul in which He can work, He uses that soul for any number of purposes: opens out before its eyes a hundred new directions, multiplying its works and its opportunities for the apostolate almost beyond belief and certainty far beyond the ordinary strength of the human being." page 392. Seven Storey Mountain

"I was free...I belonged to God, not to myself: and to belong to Him is to be free of all the anxieties and worries and sorrows that belong to this earth, and love of things that are in it. What was the difference between one place and another, if your hand belonged to God, and if you placed yourself completely in his hands? The only thing that mattered was the fact of sacrifice, the essential dedication of one's self, one's will, the rest was only accidental" Page 406

" You rest in Him,and He heals you with His secret wisdom." page 417

#Seven Storey Mountain, #Thomas Merton

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