Sunday, February 5, 2012

As morning guilds the sky

As I write this, I am watching the sunrise from my kitchen window.  It is God's greeting to me this morning.  I love sunrises and sunsets, They have their part in making a day into a moment of transformation and transfixion.  Last night I was walking outside as the sky morphed from blue into a blend of pink-purple softness.  God's adieu to me. Lovely!  But, now it is a new day.  The sunlight as it emerges in subtle whisperings infuses light into our lives and cheerfulness to brighten our hearts.  
I think of two fields with acres of sunflowers I passed each day on my way to work this fall (I live in the country).  One particular field was stunning.  The sunflower heads were raised to the morning sunlight in a sea of yellow happiness.  I wish I had stopped long enough to take their picture.  Right now in my viewing, there are pink strata lines of clouds across the baby-blue sky, below these pink strips is an orange-yellow outline above indigo-tinged mountains.  Ebony English walnut trees are reaching to the sky in ghostly silhouette images in front of this panorama; a magnificent pine tree rises above them all as it points to the heavens. Gorgeous!    
Often a mixture of songs will play their words in my mind as I look at the morning light opening up in its radiance.  It is a nice way to get pumped up for a new day.  This year I've spent many mornings leaving for work in darkness just as the sun was beginning to come up.  As While driving south I would watch as the sun rose from a nothingness into a full pulsating yellow-oranged orb.  Beautiful.  As delicious as savoring a yummy chocolate when you're on a diet, making the day a bit brighter and better.  I'd say to myself, I would have missed that if I didn't go to workIt has been a stressful school year for me, so I've looked for the little things to celebrate.  It is a beautiful day in God's kingdom.  

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